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How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. Because with proper time management comes discipline and with discipline comes everything and anything in life.

  1. According to a research, which measured productivity of 350,000 employees from all over the world, more than 40% of time is being spent on unimportant activities. If you think of it the other way - nearly half of life goes down the drain. Isn't it worrisome? So many minutes are lost unnoticed.
  2. It makes us think of an old saying – “TIME” – “THE MOST PRECIOUS" YET "THE LEAST VALUED”
  3. "The Wheel of Life" is a product to help people manage their time effectively and efficiently. It encourages people to invest their time rather than spending it. It also gives daily dose of knowledge targeting various age groups and competitive exams.
  4. It uses the concept of Time Management Matrix to optimize the utilization of time.
  5. This product with multi-dimensional benefits is based out on an extensive research by the alumnus of IITs / BITS / IIM. Effective Time Management is the need of the hour


There are 4 main components in this product.

  1. The Time Bucket Approach
  2. The Knowledge – Daily Dose
  3. The Inspiration Theme of the Month
  4. Rewards

Component 1: The Time Bucket Approach

Time Bucket Approach uses the concept of Time Management Matrix, which is useful in managing the time effectively. Time spent by us can be divided into 4 Buckets.

  1. Time Bucket 1 (T1) - Urgent and Important: This is the Bucket of Necessities. The tasks in this bucket are reactive tasks that need to be done, often at the last minute. Crises, 'fire-fighting' and looming deadlines are typical examples.
  2. Time Bucket 2 (T2) - Important but not Urgent:This is the Bucket of Quality tasks. This include proactive tasks that maintain or improve the quality of your work and life. This is the one to aim to spend more time in. The more you expand this bucket, the more you reduce the other three buckets. Examples include maintaining and building relationships, regular exercise, healthy eating or learning new skills etc.
  3. Time Bucket 3 (T3) - Urgent but not Important: This is the Bucket of Deception. The tasks that fall into this bucket are deceptive. They appear to be important but actually they are not. They are also known as Interruptions.
  4. 4. Time Bucket 4 (T4) - Neither Urgent nor Important:This is the Bucket of Waste. These are the activities which are time wasters. They are of no value addition. For example, wasting time online, TV and excessively long conversations etc fall into this category.
Wheel Of Life

These Time Bucket Sheets are followed by Weekly Analysis Sheets and Monthly Analysis Sheets, which help us to aggregate the data for the respective week and month respectively. These sheets encourage the users to impose goals on them for the upcoming weeks and month. These introspection sheets unfold how well our life is balanced in all the dimensions.

Usage: The users can spend just 5 minutes and fill in this Time Bucket sheet. This will help each individual in understanding in which time bucket, the time of 24 hours is being spent. This provides us an analytical insight into planning our time better and using it wisely. The total sum in all the buckets must be equal to 24 hours. Make sure not even a single minute goes unaccounted.

Make sure you fill in the Weekly Analysis Sheets and Monthly Analysis Sheets after every week and month as well to track the progress and take effective steps to manage time efficiently.

Component 2: The Knowledge Daily Dose

“The Wheel of Life” also has a component of knowledge for every day. It contains knowledge about various things. The idea of this component is to promote curiosity, scientific temper, aptitude, vocabulary and attitude (personality). This Knowledge Daily Dose has multiple elements which promote multi-dimensional progress of an individual. This plays a complementary role with the Component 1: The Time Bucket Approach.

  1. Fun Fact: This is to increase the curiosity in everybody.
  2. Current Affairs: This is to improve general knowledge consistently. This is especially useful for people preparing for various competitive exams and quiz programs.
  3. Inventions: This will help us understand the origin of various inventions. This is focused on promoting scientific temper.
  4. Word of the day: To develop our language skills and focus on various competitive exams, this word of the day is highly useful. These words will be useful for people preparing for exams like GRE, GMAT, GATE, CSAT or any other competitive exam which has vocabulary component.
  5. Puzzle of the day: To tickle our brains and to improve our aptitude skills, one puzzle a day is important. This focusses on the emerging trends in the various competitive exams.
  6. Service: Along with Aptitude, attitude plays a crucial role. To inculcate the habit of service right from young age - this dimension is included with "a small act of service can have a huge impact".

You can submit your answers and service related work to us regularly by registering with us in our website.

Component 3: The Inspirational Theme of the Month

The most important thing in life is to create a MISSION STATEMENT for our life. This helps us know what we want and what is important for us. This helps us focus on your work without being pulled in multiple directions or feeling guilty about not concentrating enough in our aspirations. IT IS ALL ABOUT BEING TRUTHFUL TO OUR MISSION STATEMENT. Failure is not when we fall short of achieving our goals. It is when we don’t have goals worthy enough.

But how do we stay focused, with so many distractions and challenges around us? Here, we have to understand, in spite of many odds in life, there are ordinary people who have achieved the impossible with their extraordinary efforts. We must accept that hard work has no substitute and success has no shortcuts.

When we tend to get distracted, thinking about such great people who mastered the art of perfection and excellence, we can come back and stay focused. So, we feel it is necessary to read about one such personality once in a week so that we get inspired, stay inspired and inspire others as well.

This is to make all of us realize, there is infinite potential in each one of us. Let us not restrict ourselves for small or big challenges that we face in daily life.

If you can’t fight for yourself, who else? If not now, When?

People achieve great things and impossible things just by Focus. Stay Focused.

The inspirational theme for the month of January 2020 is "WOMEN AGAINST ODDS". We present you with the inspirational stories of 5 women who fought against odds and achieved what they wanted to. If you take a closer look at the lives and achievements of these women, they will inspire not just us but next generations to come.

Women play a crucial and constructive role in making a healthy family, healthy society and in building a strong nation. But it is so alarming and pathetic to see that women are being assaulted for various reasons nowadays. It was Nirbhaya yesterday, it is Disha today and tomorrow? Let us raise our voice against such atrocities and mend and mold our children and ourselves in making a society where all the women can live peacefully, safely and give wings to their dreams.

“Jagruthi” – an Youtube channel from EduactILabs is working towards creating such awareness and providing solutions to problems faced by the women.

Let us encourage the girl child to dream and achieve.

Component 4: Rewards

To encourage the practice of Time Management and Knowledge Acquisition, we from EDUACT, provide rewards for those who does these tasks regularly. We provide these rewards for different age groups. So, You will Earn while you make yourself better.

We , from EduAct Ilabs, wanted to encourage rewards for being efficient in your life. Each task you perform as part of The Wheel of Life will earn you certain points and at the end of the month you will get rewarded for points you have accumulated.

The process of winning a reward is very simple. It is clearly explained in our website. All that you have to do is to register with us once in our website and keep submitting your tasks daily by logging in with your user id and password. You will get information about how many points have you accumulated and who is the highest scorer till now.

To give you an idea, please refer to the Reward Page attached in this book. For more details, please visit our website and gear up for “Efficiency and Effectiveness Challenge”

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Wasting time is plundering yourself. Practically, wasting time is inevitable, but there are strategies that will help us waste less.

We are trying to improve awareness about the time we spend each day. As our awareness improves, we enhance your ability to choose how to spend our time.
There are certain simple but powerful techniques to make us move from the buckets of inefficiency (T1, T3 & T4) to the bucket (T2) of vision, purpose and productivity.

Where should we focus?

Ideally, as researchers say, we should be spending 70-75% of the time on T2 activities while rest are for remaining buckets. We should focus on minimizing the time that we are spending on T1, T3 & T4. If we are spending too much of time on T1, it will become increasingly larger and will dominate your life completely. T3 and T4 include things that do not matter. Effective people spend more time on T2 activities and minimize the time spent on TI, and do not worry too much about T3 and T4.

Wheel Of Life

Importance of T2:

T2 activities are the heart of effective personal management. To spend most of our time in this bucket T2, we must first be clear about what our priorities are, and then we must learn to say no to other activities, some of them urgent and apparently important.
We should be proactive and extra vigilant in attending to the activities that are important but not urgent (T2). Because they will not demand your attention but if you neglect them, they eventually will turn out to be emergencies (T1) leading you to live always in reactive mode or in a continuous crisis situation.
To move towards T2 all that we should do is to fill these sheets daily and understand where we stand and plan to move to where we want.

Remember: The best judge of which quadrant you are in is you.

  1. “The Wheel of Life” will help you identify where you spend your time, the most. It helps you in prioritizing your work, personal roles, goals and commitments.
  2. Most of all this product will help you deal with procrastination. With proper time management, comes self-discipline and when your life becomes disciplined, there is no room for procrastination.
  3. Time Management is crucial for anyone and everyone. Below are few important benefits of proper time management –
    1. Scarce Resource: Time is limited. All of us have only 24 hours. It is all about how well we utilize.
    2. Accomplish more with less effort: When you take control of your time, you take control over yourself. This helps you in improving your focus. With improved focus you work effectively and efficiently.
    3. It improves your decision making ability: When you manage your time properly, you will be able to prioritize things. With clear prioritization, comes improved decision making ability.
    4. Path to success: Time management is the key to success. It helps us taking control of our life rather than flowing with the winds. When you accomplish more each day, make more sound decisions, and feel more in control, definitely you can achieve more in less time.
    5. You can learn more: Once you time is managed effectively, suddenly you find time for many other things. You can invest the extra time that you have gained now, in acquiring new skills which can contribute for your future life.
    6. Reduce Stress: Instead of rushing through all day and in all walks of life, well managed day, will make you give enough time for every activity that you have to do. This reduces the stress levels which will help in you in 2 ways. One, it helps in performing the task better and the second, helps in reducing your stress levels there by contributing for your health.
    7. Free time is necessary: Everyone needs free time. We need time to relax and we need time to spend with our family. Effective time management gives you more free and relaxing time. This is more important for successful career and healthy life.
  1. It is observed that Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the U.S. used it for the first time in the history. But it was also noted that Eisenhower does not claim this insight for his own, but attributes it to an (unnamed) "former college president."
  2. This method was popularized by Stephen R. Covey later through his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, stating that we live a fourth generation of time management, more effective, in which managing time itself is no longer the aim, but managing where to focus at any particular time.
  1. It is high time that we realize - "Time saved is money saved, time saved is health saved, time saved is relationships saved, and time saved is life saved."
  2. Who doesn’t require time in life? Right from a school going kid to a veteran in his 90s, everyone needs time. So, there is no right age or time or profession to use to this book.
  3. If you are a person looking for effective time management there by increase your productivity start using it now.
  4. This book serves as a better gift than a cake or chocolate or a flower bouquet for you dear and near ones. Gift this product and help people save their time.
  5. This book is available at totally affordable cost.